Mercury and its effects on human health

Modern mercury exposure nearly cost me my life. I encourage you to read my book, Go Natural – Wisdom for Healthy Living, where-in I tell of my experiences and struggle to survive after being poisoned with mercury. In the light of this terrifying experience and the general ignorance that exists among the public, I thought it needful to inform and educate you regarding the hidden dangers of this lethal element, mercury. Your life may depend on it.

For more information on modern mercury exposure, please refer to the following websites:

To understand the big picture it is advisable to review them in sequence.

1. 1950-1996 Minamata Disease

What have we learnt from history? – Another tragic story and example of mercury poisoning. is clear that mercury is lethal, and causes severe neurological degeneration. My experience over the last 14 years, taught me the many similarities between MS and “Minemata dis-ease

2. The Smoking ToothModern Mercury Poisoning – Amalgam Fillings

How did we come to allow mercury in our mouths?

3. The Link between Vaccinations and Autism. Childhood mercury poisoning – Timerasol in Vaccinations. For more information, see the attached document, The Link between VACCINATIONS and AUTISM.

After you’ve reviewed them all please watch the below You-tube “Brain Neuron Degeneration”. This YouTube illustrate what happens with the neurons when coming into contact with mercury.

Now it should make sense. It is clearly evident that ‘dis-ease’ and sickness is no accident!

We live in challenging times, as our health system has clearly failed in protecting us against deadly exposure to mercury.

I trust that my book, Go Natural – Wisdom for Healthy Living, will hopefully equip you with the wisdom to live responsibly in these times.

God bless