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25L Fermentation Crock Pot


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Until a few decades ago, blue-grey stoneware pots were still widely in use. Salt-glazed stoneware was used and highly valued mainly for its excellent acid resistance which made it ideal for the preservation of food. How the method for production of salt-glaze pottery was discovered is not quite clear today. The first salt-glazed stoneware pots appeared on the markets in different parts of Germany, particularly in the Rhineland, around the 15thcentury.
Go Natural wants to continue the tradition of fermented traditional foods where salt-glazed inert stoneware products are used for the storage of highly acidic foods.
Our German supplier is one of the few providers offering this traditional product to its clients.It is great to know that event today there are people who appreciate traditional and natural methods of food preparation.


Why a quality stoneware fermentation crock pot?


Fermenting crock pots are burned at 1280 degrees Celsius (or 2336 degrees Fahrenheit) and then salt-glazed. The fermentation crock pot has a deep water-holding gutter around the rim of the pot into which the lid is placed. This is very important because gases are produced during the lactic acid fermentation.The deep rim that constantly holds water and into which the lid is inserted allows excess fermentation gases to escape while keeping the pot air-tight at the same time. This air-tight seal prevent the formation of mould.Two heavy stones are used to keep the ferment pressed down in the pot. Fermentation crock pots can be used for practically all sorts of vegetables and do not pose special requirements to storage. They are odour-free and very easy to clean.




  • Made from German salt glazed ceramic clay.
  • Size pots: 5, 10 or 20liters with a gutter.


A Set Includes:


1. The fermentation GÄRTOPF pot
     It include a pot, lid and two weighted stones.


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25L Fermentation Crock Pot

25L Fermentation Crock Pot